1716 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore MD 21231
Illustrations by Liz Kebel

Freshy, fresh, fresh. Homemade soft corn torillas fly off of this establishment’s in-house tortilla press. You can buy a kilo of them for a little less than $2 – which is one of the better deals in Charm City. This is a teeny tiny venue and getting your tacos to go probably makes the best sense. If there is a barstool available (out of 7 or 8 total), you can belly up to the window bar and watch the cars go by on Eastern Ave and be well taken care of by the hospitable staff. This place is a popular destination for the working lunch crowd and closes relatively early on weeknights, so don’t venture down for a late dinner.

Sometimes there is a fish taco that ends up on the menu. This is usually the best bet, but since it is less predictable, we’re going to tell you to go with the pollo. This is for a few reasons – mainly, none of the fillings are true standouts, and secondarily, we haven’t told you about very many good chicken tacos on this site yet…and the chicken taco here is good. It is mildly flavored and allows you to really enjoy the deliciousness of the fresh corn torillas and very tasty guacamole. Your tacos also come with two piquant sauces, fresh cilantro leaves, and lime wedges. These tacos are not oversized, so eating 2-3 would be a feasible action.


  1. I am not an expert but I love the color and shadowing here. Great detail.

  2. what about the pulled pork tacos... best taco ive ever had!