1715 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore MD 21231
Illustrations by Cassandra Diaz

If you have ever been to a Hooters (for the wings, of course !) then you may be familiar with the service philosophy at Los Palominos. While this restaurant is open to both men and women, it would be hard not to notice that the restaurant contained 98% men in the dining room, and a cadre of spandex clad, very youthful waitresses. Despite our mixed dining crowd, we were still treated with warm hospitality by the waitstaff and the manager. The space is festive, with karaoke on both Friday and Saturday nights. Interesting to note that this restaurant actually has two names : Los Palominos and the Sunlight Lounge. If you are trying to find the restaurant, just look for the hanging Sunlight sign.

The lengua taco. Yep, that’s a tongue taco and we think it’s the best one in this part of Baltimore. Beef tongue is prepared in a spicy tomato sauce with green peppers and onions. The diced, saucy cubes are then served on two double-layer soft corn tortillas and finished with diced raw onion and chopped cilantro. If you are going to try lengua, do it here, as they sell a lot of it and they know how to cook it well. If it is your first time, maybe try not looking down at the tone on tone polka dotted flesh. Prepare your mouth for a texture reminiscent of firm tofu. It really is tasty, but can be a hurdle if you were not raised on it.


  1. what a beautiful illustration-
    great colors!!

  2. I agree, a beautiful illustration.