1032 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230
Illustrations by Jeansoo Chang

So many tasty tequilas and so little fuzz in our collective pants pockets. Blue Agave is a great place to belly up to the bar and try some really special tequilas. Doing this is not cheap, but the bartender will educate you and the experience is worth it. Plus, you’ll want to ask for the small, laminated bar menu that is kept back by the register. If you don’t do this, the only taco you will see on the menu is a $23 Ahi tuna entrée taco. The “hidden” bar menu, however, offers you a two taco basket for a mere $6. And now you can get that memorable Corazon Anejo tequila to wash it all down.

Well, it might be the Ahi tuna taco, but the purchase price took the chili-rubbed sushi grade concoction out of the running for this site. So…it’s the chicken twin tacos you can order at the bar. The chicken is very tender, as it is stewed in chicken stock, gently pulled apart, then sautéed with onions, Serrano and chipotle chilies, paprika and Adobo seasoning. It is then topped with queso cotija, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and crema…that lovely runny sour cream. Tortillas are fresh and house made. These tacos come in a basket, which makes them more fun to eat. Well, it was fun for us. Here’s hoping it’s fun for you, too.

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