500 S. Wolfe Street, Baltimore MD 21231
Illustrations by Cathren Kull

If you are looking for a real travel experience, come to Fells Point to check out this grocery store which also runs a small kitchen. Upon entering, you are greeted by tall baskets of cacti, tomatillos, jalepenos and tomatoes. As you walk up the 2 steps, head left to sit down to eat and right to begin exploring the grocery store. Things are tight in this small establishment, so this experience is not necessarily recommended for large parties of people. Here you can find tamarindo and hibisco flavored Crystal Light and a really fantastic range of snack foods, including different varieties of chicarones and chili coated sweets.

The goat barbacoa taco. Come here to satisfy your meat-loving self. On this menu, you can find goat, tongue, pork, sausage, beef, chicken…what else could a carnivore want? Tacos are made freshly and you can watch your food being prepared in this tiny kitchen. Goat meat is gently seasoned, roasted and shredded and served on a soft corn tortilla with all the traditional accompaniments. You can eat your grocery store purchases in the dining room section. We liked adding our own touches to the goat taco, enhancing the flavors a bit with fresh slices of mango and generous squeezes of ripe limes.

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