601 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore MD 21224
Illustrations by Liz Kebel

Hidden tacos in a hidden tavern. Annabel Lee may look unassuming from its exterior, but don’t be fooled. After spending time in this tavern, the word that comes to mind is “professional”. The bar and restaurant may be filled to capacity, but the staff find a way to give you plenty of personal attention and efficient service – leaving you feeling as if you were the only customer there that night. Not an easy task, and one the staff at this tiny tavern seems to do so darn effortlessly. There is only one taco on the menu. The rest of the fare can be described as low key, weeknight-friendly, comfort food.

Orange Roughy Tacos.You can find these under Small Plates on this menu. Orange roughy is roasted and glazed with orange marmalade. Tacos are served in a flour tortilla with pico de gallo and a side of rice. Jelly on fish, served in a tortilla. Kind of weird, yes, but pretty tasty. Ask for extra napkins, or maybe a wetnap with these. As the taco juices drip down the side of your hand, the increased stickiness renders paper napkins almost unusable after a few wipes.

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