5 S. Broadway, Baltimore MD 21231
Illustrations by Tiffany Nguyen

You may remember when this restaurant was called “Arizona Sports and Tapas Bar”? While the Arizona prefix is still in place, much has changed with the menu here. The owners have now clearly taken a Mexican cooking direction, dropping the Spanish influences that used to be present. Aside from the menu changes, we would be remiss if we did not warn you about the jukebox here. It is a jukebox with a vengeance. When it kicks on, you will not be able to hear much other than the modern polka beat. Kind of fun if you are just popping in for a margarita, but if you were hoping for a quiet dinner with your date, you may want to rethink this venue.

The carnitas taco in al carbon style. A soft corn tortilla is filled with savory, slow roasted pork and served with lots of fresh radishes and lime wedges. A green sauce of medium viscosity arrived with our tacos and at first, it appeared to be a runny guacamole. But, in fact, it was a delicious house-made piquant sauce that really complemented the roasted pork and lime flavors. In the traditional manner, tacos are topped with diced raw onion and fresh chopped cilantro. Tortillas are sometimes made in house and sometimes purchased at the local tienda, but either way, they were tasty.

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