38 E. Cross Street, Baltimore MD 21230


Illustrations by Tommy Kieley

Way. Sorry, it needed to be done. No Way Jose has been in Federal Hill for quite some time now, having moved from its original location just around the corner. In terms of culinary offerings, this is the kind of place you might swing by post-happy hour when you are hungry; but not so discriminating. Salsa and chips are complimentary and the salsa is fresh and tasty. If you are interested in perpetuating the happy hours, you can continue imbibing at the long, narrow bar that occupies the front part of the restaurant. If you are looking for a 3 taco basket, you will find that under “Jose’s Antihitos”. Classically spiced ground beef and big pieces of pulled chicken solidify these offerings as “OK choices”. Note that the tacos listed on the right side of the menu are meant as entrees, and that’s why they cost so much.

Shrimp taco entrée. This is the only taco offering on the right side of the menu that comes with sautéed yellow squash, zucchini, and peppers. The taco itself is served on a ½ dinner-plate-size soft, whole wheat tortilla. Shrimp is grilled and plentiful. That yummy salsa makes another appearance in the interior of the taco, nestled with cheddar and monterrey jack cheeses. This is a lot of food. Forks and knives are needed to eat this large taco, which is maybe a bit more like a not-too-cheesy quesadilla. For some people, this meal is a great value, as you can plan to take ½ of it home with you for lunch the next day. Note: And if you do that, you know the tortilla will be all mushy. We found that mixing up all of the ingredients in a Tupperware container yielded quite a nice microwavable lunch. We also found that dogs really dig eating mushy tortillas.

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  1. Love the "Guest Check" illo. Very creative.