2907 O'Donnell Street, Baltimore MD 21224
Illustrations by Angie Hogarty

Nacho Mama’s still has holiday decorations up in Spring, which is just one reason why we find them kind of adorable. 30 velvet Elvis paintings, a display case of Barbies, and animal print fabric covered seats are some of the other reasons why this place can be described as: kitchy, quirky and comfy. This restaurant is now 15 years old, but is still high-energy and usually quite busy. It’s most fun to sit in the back part of the restaurant for the true Elvis immersion experience. Come here when you are really hungry, because there is nothing dainty or delicate about this restaurant or the food they are serving up. Strap on your feed sack. Think truck-driver portions and don’t get too hung up on the food being authentic – Nacho Mama’s seems to understand that they are making their own version of Baltimore-ized Mexican food and they seem fine with it.

The chorizo taco. This has a caveat, though. You may be consuming more calories and fat than any reasonable health guideline would recommend for an entire week. Think approximately 3 Whoppers’ worth. That said – man is this a tasty dish! Crumbled, spicy, salty, sautéed chorizo sausage is covered in melted smoked gouda cheese and topped with mixed field greens. All of this is oozing out of a gigantic flour tortilla. Jalapeno rice and refried beans (which, here, taste a bit like baked beans) round out this hungry-man plate. Sour cream and guacamole are extra, but you may want to consider them. The spiciness of the chorizo begins to build up, and some dairy would cut the heat nicely. Heck, if you’re gonna eat this one…just slather on a little more fat and go for the gold. Chase it with a Hubcap Margarita for the table.

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