First Location:
505 S. Broadway Street
Baltimore MD 21231

Second Location:
1704 Gough Street

Baltimore MD 21231

Illustrations by Ashley Mancuso

There are two Carolina’s, both are in Fells Point and both share the same selection of tacos. But the actual dining experience is not the same at all. That has a lot to do with the two different atmospheres. The Carolina’s that is directly on Broadway features a Williamsburg experience, replete with early 80’s style colonial wallpaper, a chair rail, brass chandelier light fixtures, and images of early Americanna adorning the walls. The exposed beam ceilings really take you back to the days of Ye Olde Tacosmith. You could call this place “kitchy and quirky” but really, it is just a little jarring. For this reason, the second location, which is just about 1 ½ blocks away, is preferred. The décor, wall color and overall atmosphere is more closely aligned with what you may have had in mind for eating tacos.

Carolina’s almost got best bet for their tongue taco, but we found a few others in town that were a little tastier. The taco de vegetales is the best bet here. Mostly, it is a guacamole taco. But the guacamole is a really nice and fresh one, served on a soft flour tortilla and topped with shredded lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, diced tomatoes and sesame seeds.

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