601 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore MD 21230
Illustrations by Tommy Kieley

Stormy, sea-faring colors and warm lighting help to establish this corner bar as one of Baltimore’s most charming. Clientele range from urbanites to the raucous and rugged. With a backdrop of model sailboats and a huge black and white mural on the back wall, you would not be surprised to hear true tales of being tossed at sea emanating from the long bar. While this taco is a bit off the beaten path, the overall experience is worth the walk/water taxi/bicycle/velomobile ride to South Baltimore. Added bonus: the Ms. PacMan machine in the back room.

There is only one taco item on the menu, but it’s an old Baltimore favorite – the Baja Fish Tacos. Beer-battered mahi-mahi rests atop shredded purple cabbage, red rice, cheese, pico de gallo and tartar sauce. The grilled soft corn tortillas are not made in house, but are fresh tasting. Two thin sauces come with the tacos – one green and one red. Both sauces are very mild and do not necessarily contribute much to the overall eating experience. Our waitress stopped by mid-taco and dropped off a bowl of limes. That was what these tacos really wanted. Douse yours with lime and garnish with an ice cold beer. Thank you, Cap’n.

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