1744 Eastern Avenue
, Baltimore, MD


Illustrations by Rosemary Davis

This quote at the top of the menu sums it up, “El Sabor Autentico de Nuestra Mexico” – the authentic flavor of our Mexico. The tables are covered with rainbow striped blankets and coated with plastic, while the walls are covered with handcrafts, ponchos and sombreros. Dine to the soothing sounds of Mexican soap operas and Univision game shows. It likely won’t take you long to realize that this restaurant does not exist to serve tourists, but rather caters to Mexicans who are longing for the flavors of their far away homes. For this reason, this is one of the best places to eat tacos in Charm City.

The tacos here are delightful. In fact, only one could not be selected. So, it is a tie between the lamb barbacoa and the bean & cheese tacos. Both tacos are served on lightly grilled soft corn tortillas. The barbacoa features simply roasted and flavorful lamb topped with raw diced onion and fresh cilantro. A spicy and delicious house made piquant sauce is served alongside the tacos. The bean and cheese taco contains very flavorful and slightly runny refried pinto beans with shredded queso fresco, diced raw onions and fresh cilantro, making this a true comfort food dish. It is a nice feature that you can order your tacos a la carte at El Taquito, so you never really have to make up your mind!

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