700 S. Potomac Street, Baltimore MD 21224
Illustrations by Bonnie Bladen

Cozy and warm, Yellow Dog Tavern is located on a corner in a primarily residential area. The exposed brick walls are covered with framed local artwork. The granite bar and open staircase make this space have a bit of a “residential” feeling – making diners to feel, well, at home. There are plenty of windows in the small space, one of which has a basket filled with gossip magazines. Find out who’s been caught with whose nanny while waiting for your table. One of the owners is also the chef and she knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. The menu changes seasonally and reads as fresh, seasonal, affordable and creative.

There is only one taco dish at Yellow Dog – fish tacos – and while these tacos are always on the menu, their composition changes with the seasons. In the spring, when this piece was being written, the 3 soft grilled corn tortillas were stuffed with grilled mahi mahi, nicely seasoned with a house rub. A crunchy cabbage and jicama slaw occupied the middle layer, and a homemade chili salsa serving as the icing on this cake. A big pile of red radish and lime wedges were served as an accompaniment. The slow burn of the chili salsa and fish rub coupled with the fresh crunch and brightness of the jicama slaw make this a memorable taco. In other seasons, tacos have featured: shark, tomatillo salsa, Spanish rice, black beans, guacamole, fried fish. Sometimes the chef chooses to utilize soft corn tortillas and other times she opts for tostadas as her base on which to build. The cooking here is strong, regardless of which ingredients show up in which season.

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  1. I like the frame concept. The pictures look soft but have plenty of detail also. Great job! I didn't know there were so many "fishy" choices of tacos in Baltimore.