318 S. Broadway, Baltimore MD 21231
[410-276-6200] [410-267-3130]
Illustrations by Jeansoo Chang

Slightly removed from the many taco establishments that line Broadway in Fells Point, El Trovador is easily located with its curved emerald green awning. Inside, the dining room is nicely maintained with white linen tablecloths covered with fitted glass. The chairs are comfy and the walls are painted a soothing harvest-like-orangey-gold. You can appreciate your fellow dining companions in this space, as the music is kept low and the distractions are minimal. Try not to sit directly in front of the kitchen, as their venting system is not as high powered as it should be and the smells of whatever is being prepared at that moment will permeate the smells of the dish in front of you.

The tacos al carbon in beef. One reason for selecting this taco as the best bet is that it comes with some really nice toppings like salsa verde, crema, guacamole, and a lime wedge. (The other tacos on the menu that do not state “al carbon” do not come with the same aforementioned fixins’.)The tacos are served in warm, soft corn tortillas. Now, this is going to sound contradictory, and may make you wonder exactly how this made the best bet. But here goes. The chopped pieces of beef are served in what could almost be called gravy. If you know what gourmet canned cat food can look like…that is what this looks like. But it doesn’t taste like cat food…no way. It is delicious and moist, and the gravy contains bits of tomato and has a rich and warm flavor. The gravied meat is topped with diced raw onions and fresh cilantro. Eaten in this restaurant’s more upscale surroundings, it’s really quite a Fancy Feast.

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