Ready to see Charm City through a brand new lens? While most Baltimoreans associate living in this city with eating crabs rather than tacos, the influx of new taco establishments in the last five years has provided our city’s residents with deliciously abundant options!

The Taco Tour of Baltimore was a collaborative project between 14 Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) illustration students, their Professor, Rebecca Bradley, and Chef Megan Ryan. This blog was created during the Spring semester of 2009 and represents a snapshot of Baltimore taco offerings during that time period. To qualify for this blog, taco establishments needed meet the following criteria:

* Located in the neighborhoods surrounding the Inner Harbor, including: South Baltimore, Federal Hill, Harbor East, Upper and Lower Fells Point, and Canton.

* Accessible via public transportation.

* Either independently operated or locally-owned regional chains which operate consistently and reliably.

* Priced at a level affordable for students.

We offer our sincere apologies to any establishment which was overlooked, opened or closed during this 4 month period. We have made every attempt to be inclusive, but are confident that that goal likely was not met, due to the changing nature of the restaurant industry and the current economic climate.

While this bog will not include new updates from our team, we look forward to reading your comments and encourage you to send your feedback and ideas for future projects to our common email account:

Happy taco eating!

“Illustrating the Edible”
Course taught by Rebecca Bradley, Spring 2009.

The illustrated food market is strong and healthy, and the ability to make mouth-watering, thoughtful illustrations is a marketable skill. This course explores the nature, preparation, tasting, presentation and culture of food. Students sketch and paint ingredients, as well as cook and draw the food, visiting restaurants, caf├ęs, farms, markets and kitchens. In addition, guests may come and prepare food in the classroom as students draw. The work created is part reportage, part still life, part personal expression and an overall exploration and illustration of the senses. Homework may include visits to specific sites, buying and drawing ingredients and working on articles and assignments. Students experience local food and ethnic cuisines, appreciating the role that food plays in economics, society, family, culture and history.
This is an elective class taught as part of the Illustration department of the
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 1300 Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore MD 21217
T : 410 6693177

Megan H. Ryan
Taco Eater / Writer

Megan Ryan has been a resident of Charm City for 8 years, which represents the longest amount of time she has ever lived in one locale. She enjoys dragging friends and acquaintances to explore the city’s culinary offerings, often by foot or public transport. Megan received her culinary training just outside of Lyon, France at L’Institut Paul Bocuse nearly a decade ago. She served as a Culinary Instructor for Baltimore County Public Schools for 5 years where she was fortunate enough to cook alongside hundreds of very talented young people. Megan has been a member of the Slow Food International Movement since 2000, and thoroughly enjoyed leading the Baltimore Convivium for 2 years. It is through this movement that Professor Rebecca Bradley and Megan became acquainted and decided to collaborate on this and future projects. You can contact Megan Ryan directly at meganthesnail@gmail.com.

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